Q & A.

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How Nuage works?

Our job is to focus on the product and to make it easy for you.
We are not a registrar but we have built strong relationships with some awesome ones
which means that we offer you the best quality service. A secure one too.

How does importing domains work?

We have developed a service that integrates all your domains in Nuage thanks to registrars’ APIs,
without needing to transfer them. We are constantly working on supporting more registrars – so don’t hesitate to ask if yours isn’t on the list.

What happens if I don’t want to renew my domains?

We activate the auto-renew mode by default – so you don’t lose your domains by mistake.
You can always turn this setting off and do it manually for each domain.

Can I transfer a domain?

We are currently working on our transfer tool. You deserve the best, so give us two ticks.
In the meantime, you can connect to your registrar to import domains in Nuage.

How do I stop using Nuage?

You can leave Nuage anytime via your account settings.
Rest assured, your registrars’ settings stay the same.
Even if you leave us sniff, this will not affect your domains.

How do I manage my hosting?

At the moment, we help you manage your domain names in the simplest way possible.
More good stuff is on the way! We’re currently working on email and other projects to make your life easier.

How do I manage multiple contacts on Nuage?

You can create new contacts via your Settings (just click on “Contact Menu”)
or add them directly during the buying process.

Where are my invoices?

They’re waiting for you in your Settings under ‘Invoices’.

Still have a question?

Drop us an email; we would love to hear from you.